Solar lamps project

Due to the support of the Niedersächsische Bingo-Umweltstiftung and Villageboom GmbH, School Forests for Westafrica has been running a solar lamps projects for many years now. Teaching material and 750 solar lamps will be distributed among 25 schools in Ghana (Agona Nyakrom, Central Region). The local “Youth and Environmental Club” supervises the project and will also implement a tree planting project. Thirty dedicated students from each school will plant four trees and take care of them for six months. They will be rewarded with free solar lamps, thereby the students will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in tree planting and sustainability.
Since the current electric power network does not ensure permanent power supply people depend on alternatives. Solar lamps provide safe and clean light and can replace the traditionally used petroleum or battery-powered lamps or candles, which will also save money. The solar lamps will enable families to organize their evenings more productively and children can do their homework and study in clean light. Thus, the solar lamp project combines sustainable management and conservation.